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Monday, June 8, 2020


Life spins, and spins away some more....
Hola all my crying children~ jeff ear! The world is on fire with love and some pain! Let's cancel out the pain, the pain of cop's forever lonely and sad. I am willing and (theoretically) able to absorb your pain, and absolve you of your sins. Come forth! In other news....


Holy moly friends, I am so so sorry. I got behind again! Who could've imagined that this porject I have starterd + restarted 11x would be in the shitter again, in such a nice year such as 2020 no less. But don't fret. The random "titles" you see above you are the books I am working on. I WILL FINISH THEM AND PUBLISH THEM ON THAT SITE. You have my word, and without my word I am simply a discarded empty bag of chips, feel the crinkly material of the bag(me) against your cheek friends :•)


Over time, the HTML on this blog/project got completely messed up + I let the custom URL slip to non-renewal earlier this year, but honestly: a 10th b-day is a 10th b-day so put on your party hat and read these puppies or listen to the songs. I'm proud of this project still. It might be the clostest distillation to my theory that everything is a movie, a song, a book, a.... and so forth and so on •v•

much love,