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Thursday, October 11, 2018

So here we are again

Today I begin my experiment of trying to watch a movie everyday whilst doing my new home workout where I go up and down on a stepstool and lift weights and stuff. It's off to a horrendous start after having just endured the 1997 Kevin Bacon vehicle Digging to China. Anyway, here is the initial list of movies I am going to watch:

One Night in the Tropics, 1940
Cape Fear, 1962
The Bank Job, 2008
A Soldier's Story, 1984
Rabid, 1977
The Spirit of St. Louis, 1957
The Mermaid, 2016
Through a Glass Darkly, 1961
Forget Paris, 1996
The Water Horse, 2007
52 Pick-Up, 1986
Tomorrow When The War Began, 2012
Who Done It?, 1942
Jack the Giant Killer, 1962
Savage Streets, 1984
Enemy, 2013
Cat People, 1942
A Short Film About Killing, 1988
In Her Shoes, 2005
Adult World, 2013

Despite somehow being granted two (2!) Abbott & Costello movies by the Gods of Randomness, I think this is a pretty solid first 20 movies. In fact, Through a Glass, Enemy and A Short Film About Killing have all both been on my actual list of movies to watch. And there's a couple of fascinating B-movie and weird oldie types on here (like Savage Streets starring Linda Blair and whatever Jack the Giant Killer and Cat People are) that interest me. So... LET'S GO RANDOMNESS FTW

Update. 2020~ ish~ I still do do this FromTime2Time but i didnt fallow thru watching Most of these movies f.Y.i