a full list of books I have published online and/or otherwise (bathroom stall graffiti, tree trunks, etc.) in alphabetical order with presumed pseudonyms of fake authors
🔑 – these icons = best way to describe type of book / literature / poem /thing being linked to, ✺ (ART) | ◎ (PROSE) | ❄ (POETRY) | ❍ (NON-FICTION) |  (KIDS)

1st B-Day DC7-5-14 DC8-Ball on a Basketball Court DC44 by Not 45 ◎
• 45 BC LEAP YEAR ERROR FUCKBOi WBA 100% True Story about Life & Opportunity by SkyKid (Jeff) ◎
• 415 DC420BRO DC909 Minnesota DC2001: The Real History of the USA by Gosselin Hobnobs (Introduction by Jobathan Franglen) ◎†
• A by Pagano Stjeev ✺ 
• AA Doors DCAddictive Asterisk DCAir-Conditioned Room by Unknown ◎
• Alcoholics Anonymous by Vernon Howl ◎†
• All My Beautiful Litter DCAmerica IV DCAmerican Top Hat DCAnxiety DCAny Interpreted Graffito DCArbitrary Date in a Calendar DCArch DCArt for Sale by Vernon Howl ✺
• Art inside a Square DCAn Artist’s Face DCAny Screaming Face (It Begins) DCAssembling Silhouettes DCAvocado Orange (A Sunday for R&R) DCBaby Armadillo Book DCBaseball Sunrise DCBathmat Fruit Eater DCBathroom DNA DCBeach Night  by Savon Jug MFBeat Pope DCBeautiful Boy DCBeauty of Art DCBeer City Scratch DCBefore and After I Was a Zoo DCBells Rung Yesterday DCBeware of Dog / Beware of Everything DCBill of Rights.txt by Jekk Threece ❄
• Bird’s Boat DCBirthday Boy America DCBlack Angel DCBlack Nature" DCBlank Day DCBlue Frame DCBlue, Let’s Do This DCBlue Y DCBlood Drips on Shaffer DCBlú DCThe Book  by Shaane Yertz  MFThe Book That Didn't Exist DCBroken Brick DCA Bug, Aren't We All DCBuildings as Symbols DCBullseye Right on the Dot DCBum Hand Searching for Ramen DCThe Burning News is in Sales DCCageskull DCCancel Albums DCCan’t Make Up My Mind about This Place DCCar on Fire DCCartoon Eyeball Closeup DCCat Heaven DCCatfish DCCH DCChewing by Dirp Sapplewood ◎
• The Children's Book for Adults  by Jett Sykes ✺
• Chinese Giants (Winter Sport Saloon Solitude) DCChocolate Suffering by [various] ❄
• Cialis Binge DCClassic Hats DCClay Clay Clay DCClean Up the Mess  by Colliver Welltrip MFCleveland  by Mirs Grumlapel MFThe Cobra Hobos  by Cim Brownbutter MFCold KFC  by Erilli Opipick MFColor Dark DCColors, Cities Melting DCThe Colors of the Houses DCColours Affront DCCome on in the Water is Warm DCConsumption Dept. DCCool Pigs DCCool Through Blue DCCorrupt Sufferer DCA Countryside Stirs a Sky DCCover letter for my application to become Google's new CEO by SkyKid (Jeff) ◎
• Crabcake DCA Cut Above the Rest DCDancing Water DCDarkself DCDashboard Oreos DCThe Day Before the Day Before DCThe Day I Ate Celery for Lunch DCThe Day of Jazz DCThe Days of Pizza are Here to Stay DCThe Dead Spider  by Debbie T. Dink MFDeath Knife DCDeath Toad in the City DCDecadent Collage DCDecember 15th: The Movie DCDecember the 666 (Ghost Cow) DCDeck Football DCDeer Me DCDefy the Selfie DCDemesne by Lol Stjevensjon ❄
• Demon by Unknown ❄
• Desert Structures DCDesiree Wrote Her Name in Japanese DCDevoting One's Life to #YOLO by Vid E. O'Soup ◎
• Diameter Burns Next DCDigital Solutions Plus: Blood Diary Era DCDistant Star DCDog Bone Dog DCDonald Trumped DCDon’t Tweet DCDoor 2 Nowhere DCDope DCThe Dots DCDouble Arch Trash Life DCDowned Hog DCDreams Do Come True DCThe Drugs He On DCDrugwish DCDubai Dreamworld by Vernon Howl ❄
• Duh Shark DCDuke DCDying: All DCEach Heat DCEagle Cooked a Typewriter DCEcho Said the Sky DCElekant Selling Pointz and the Mona Libra DCEme DCEnizagam by ジョーシュモ ✺†
• Every Cop is Just a Kid DCEvery Poem DCEveryone is Walking Somewhere DCEverything is wrong… by SkyKid (Jeff) ◎
• Everything You Are About DCExperimental Film about a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog DCThe Expiring Fairy Jokes DCThe Exploding Arm DCEyes Doughnut Panda DCFacial Hues DCFading Selfies DCThe Farewell Defeated DCFarm Shark DCThe Feeling  by Melzer Stouse  MFFish Flagged DCFishy Big Eyes DCFlesh Tan DCFly Eye Bird DCFly On, Wawa DCFocus on the Big Picture DCFooteater DCForever Plastic Bags in the Barbwire DCFour Folks DCFrames DCFridge Door DCFryChild DCFun in the Sun DCGalactic Basketball Again DCGarbage Heart DCThe Gifts of Plants DCGoat Circular DCGoat v Saiga DCGold Standard DCGoldfish  by Gwen Pencils MFGrab Age DCGreat Pools DCGreek Yogurt DCGreen Boxed DCGreen Life DCGreyer Smythe, Sans-serif by Jett Sykes ◎
• Gut Punch DCGuy Fawkes Raindrops DCA Haircut DCHalf in the Bags DCHall Pumpkin Ween DCA Hand or Hands DCHands in the Sky DCHandsome Boy DCHank the Halloween Cat by Jett Sykes 
• Hashtag Sway DCHe Who is Me is He a Star DCHer Interior Reflects DCHer Railway Zooms DCHeaven Cried DCH E A V Y _ M E T A L S _ O N _ T A P by Jerp ✺ 
• Hey Bud DCThe Holiday Hangover (Sham Not) DCHoney Wings DCHovering Dancer, Kill Me DCi-iv by Various Authors ◎†
• I Am Alive DCI Cried Digitally DCIce Cream DCIconography Faces DCIn Keeping with the Fact DCIn Kinston DCIn the Dark DCIndoor Cats Unite DCInfinity Up 40 DCAn Infrequent History DCInside Machines DCThe Interesting Monkey Overflows Above a Dialect DC∩ (Intersection) DCThe Inverse DCThe iPhone Helicopter Cop Scare  by Codge Helk MFIsraeli Shadows DCIt Can Be Now DCIt Wasn’t So Bad DCIt's Not Even Funny DCJapanese Hashtags DCJerry Eats DCJoe's Best Gal DC"joe's poems" by Dom Pombonnet ❄†
• Jokes by Sam J. (Jokeman) ◎†
• Just DCJust Another Day DCJust Toldeo  by Cruller Shall MFJustifiable Snobbery DCJunk Store Open 4 Biz DCThe Label Just Says "X" by Gen Solin ❄
• The Law of 3s & 6  by Jett Sykes ❄
• Kobe & Abby DCThe Lady Painted on the Wall  by Quimby Socket MFLast Day Lost DCLatrell Sprewell Retweeted Donald Trump Jr. DCLeap Day Eve (Keep On Swimming) DCLike Whispers of Spiders Infiltrating Your Phone DCLindsay Lohan: Global Insider DCLip Click Thing  by Lester Broom MFLittle Lobster on a Fried Egg DCA Little Showboatin’ DCThe Living Lord DCLollimouth DCLone Walker Theory DCLost Plane Boy DCLucky 8 DCLuke's Fangs DCA Lyric Imbalance DCM15 DCMad Love NJ Swastika DCMade in the Mountains DCMan  by Namm Isling MFA Man of Memories by The Weatherproof Man ❄
• A Man’s Hammer DCMate DCMaybe America DCMayo Dip in the Control Room  by Pitra McVlos MFA Maze to Get Home DCMe URL DCMedium Village DCMemento DCMerica Do F the F DCThe Message Failed to Send DCMic DCMicrowave Gutter DCMirror Monkeys DCMonomonk DCThe Moon DCMore American Than America DCMuslim Architecture DCMy Body DCMy Dreams of Window Satanism DCMy Life is Pretty Great DCNapaj DCNC Shadow Ghost DCNerd Boy (Vote with Us) DCNew Best Friend DCNew Haircut New Person DCNew Month Vampire DCNike Slumming DCNo Need 2 Sound the Alarm DCNope DCNudevember DCNYC Doesn’t Exist DCOctober Dog (Pupkin the Pumpkin Pup) DCOomph & Doom DCOperation Gratitude DCOmaha Enter the Wind DCOn Selfies and, also, My Face  by Walter Fall ◎
• Orange Cynic DCOrange Evil  DCOrange Twice DCOur Day DCPanda on Broad DCPapier-mâché Baseball DCParenthetical Santadog DCParking Lot Luggage Laws DCParking Monster DCPartydawg DCThe People Moths DCPerformer Pier by Unknown ◎†
• The Peruser by Unknown ◎†
• Phone Religion DCPickle Jar  by Grel Shellpley MFPictures of My True View DCPink (Let the Dogs Hang) DCPink Spaceship  by Leanna Togo MFPizza with the Papacast DCPizza x6 DCThe Plane That Gave Birth to a Blue-eyed Baby Girl by Unknown ◎
• Planet Basketball/CD DCPlastic Cheese  by Raina Umchi MFPlatypus Socialist DCPlease Kill Me in a Japanese Bathroom DCPop Ice DCPopcorn Emoji: The Book  by Verno Sundriplickan ✺
• Poetry Wasteland  by Unknown ❄
• Poof Goes the Days DCThe Pope He in Rome DCPower Everywhere DCP.R. Dick  by Unknown ◎
• President Goodnight DCPress 1 for Energy DCPrison Pool DCPrisoner Xmas (Ep. 321) DCPurple Pizza DCQuarter Stone Abort DCRag Lion Groans DCRare Gulf DCThe Rat Swims Past the Conductor DCRayman's Revenge DCReal Flamingoes DCRearview Back Fur DCRed and Black-Eyed Rabbits DCRed Lady Takes the Plunge DCRed Sun (Top of a Parking Garage) DCRed, White and No Blue DCRed, Yellow, Then Green DCReligioneering DCReply Stop DCThe Robots  by Reg Timinikim  MFRocket Defends the Lunch DCRoles  by Tchrib Coom  MFRose for a Dead Teddy DCRosenbaum Monday DCThe Roundabout Offsets the Employer DCRrute Sport DCRue Airy DCThe Rut Lulls  by H.J. Shenningport MFSad Red Girl DCThe Same Picture DCSanta Barbwire DCSeagulls DCSeashell in Abstract DCSeductive Blur DCSee in Colour DCSeminal Brevity WBSeparate Sex Shuns of the Self DCSeven (Very) Short Stories  by Juun Jocik ◎
• Shadow Walks Dog DCSham Connections  by C.R. Ying ◎
• Shards DCShark Door DCShine Thru the Weirdness DCShkrel DCSicilia DCSidewalk Sillies DCSilver CD Suit  by Flema Gnoner MFSkateboarding iPhone DCThe Skrong Chronicles DCSkyChild DCSlab  by Scampi Wilkes-Boof  MFSleep Soon DCSleepy Little Ocean DCSly Sleep (Forgetting) DCSmallish Youth DCSmells Across a Golden Strength DCSnake May DC DCSnowman Cap DCSomeone Carved a Swastika in the Sidewalk Near My House DCSometimes I’m Falling DCSOS King DCThe Spotted Campaign DCSpring Hath Sprung DCA Squarelz Life DCStanley Sporkville  by Chiem Wavutta  MFThe Star Award DCStarsick DCSTart DCStatic Mets DCStay True 2 the Mantra… DCStick a ? in Me DCStill Christmas Forever DCStreets of Road DCStrike a Balance DCThe Stuff We Don't See DCSugar Trails DCSundry Boggles  by Unknown ✺
• Sunglasses DCSunrise or Sunset? DCSuper Sunday DCSupermark & Smog DCSwallows Before the Cynic DCSwinging Angles DCSymbols & Cigarette Extiniguishing DCTattered Flag of the Revolution DCTeapot Cheats DCTennis Japan DCText DCThanksgiving Eve DCThere's No Giraffe Emoji DCThe Third Grade Science Teacher  by Tables Arthurman MFThis Cat is My Funeral Director DCThis Ship is Setting Sail DCThrough a Screen DCTiny Novels  by Vernon Howl ◎
• To Lead is to Serve DCTo Skin a Cat DCThe Toaster  by Jekka Ropopliko MFToilet Boi: A Memoir DCToo Much 414 DCTouching Backyards  by Mozz Umbreg MFTragic Fabrics & Wooden Aplacas DCTrain Times DCTrash Boy DCTrifle  by Yuh Jonkol MFTrigger McTalon  by Melzer Stouse  MFTriple A DCTropical Race DCTurtle Dreams of Pizza & Art DCTwo Buildings, Different Heights DCTwo Legs DCTwo Men and a Work of Art DCTwo Shoes DCTwo Sides the Same Sad DCTwo Voodoo Mascots DCUlcer Tom  by Unknown ◎
• Used 2 Live DCVases Against the Wall DCVH DCVomit Grove DCWall Units and Other Poems DCWe Believe in Today DCWe Choose Garbage DCWe Didn't Start the (2 Fire Emojis) DCWeight of Skin  by Luke I. Firr MFWelcome to Hell DCWhale (Brother-in-Surfer) DCWhat  by Jett Sykes ◎† 
• What is the New Entertainment? by James J. Junking ❍†
• What Lies Ahead? DCWhatever Kind of Legs You Have DCWhen Will the Tree Believe? DCWhere is My Leg? (Basketball) DCWhichever Way the Pigeon Flies DCWhite Goblin Ghoul DCWi-Fi Password: Bounce DCWith Onuni Verse by Unknown ✺ 
• WN Sorry DCWreckage of an Exploded Sink DCThe Wrecked Tunnel DCX-M DCXmas Penguin's Speechless Heart DCThe Year Didn't Just Happen DCYello Ribbon DCYello Ribbon 2: Tie Harder DCYellow 4-Eyes DCYellow Pink Red DCYesterday Didn't Happen DCYogurt Top-Hat DC