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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

“We need to believe in the pharmacies, the chickenshit wilderness City by the sea · the only thing that's impossible is possibilities”

I threw out this Barbie radio/microphone thing that was actually really cool and worked well before the volume/on-off wheel button broke off. I had fixed it once before. It was only $5 or something and worked better than most of the amplified mics I've bought my daughter that cost way more (~$15-20). Anyway, I couldn't fix it this time; I said the somewhat mostly empty words ("we'll get another one..." we'll we?) and my daughter was so cool with it. She's getting older and she deals with stuff like this better. But I had dream last night that maybe I could still fix it, and in the dream I was sure the method would work. But when I awoke, the solution was gone. The dream was still there, was real, but the answers had gone away. The Barbie radio is headed to a landfill.