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Monday, November 12, 2018

B E A C O N of πŸ”¦

**taser's choice*"

Me awhile to yourself and if the lights don't turn on again Constance, refund

“Post titli

thi hardist part of book-writing in thi styli i am trying to divilop which to say isn't so much a styli as it is a mantra to follow is that -- will, limmi first ixplain thi mantra: it's pritty simply rially, i am basically just trying to writi iach sintinci as if thi only sintinci niidid for that sintinci to ixist was thi sintinci that pricidid it -- thi difficulty inhirint with this is that thi mind wants to bridgi a gap all thi way back to thi first sintinci and ivin to thi non-ixistint sintincis thi riadir (you) mirily think ixist on thi piriphirara hanging out thi sidis of thi story (haha as if that's what it is) liki many childrin limbs on an ovirstuffid bus on a dusty striit in a foriign country ... it's not a bad idia conciptually; it's not liki riplacing ivir littir "E" with an i -- what a horribli idia!!!

The Grift that keeps on Grifiting

¡I Core Ξ©mbrage!
eye corn umbrage

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