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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hear me out

The iPhone autofill emoji when you type "good" is, for me, 👌. This is like supposed to be the *magnifique* hand gesture I guess? Whatever. The point is I've adopted an unofficial policy of always adding the autofill emojis no matter what. But, for the record, in this case, the 👌emoji is not a gesture I would ever use in real life. I just felt compelled to clear the air on this topic. Thank you.

January 25, 2017 at 05:53PM

Making tomato sauce 🍅
I'm starting to post the music videos for the Current Year (2017) of the EVERYDAYSONGZ.COM project. All of the songs (1000+) are finished, I just need to make the music videos, going forward, and retroactively. And so I'm doing that. Thank you, me.

New Greg Reinfeld thing

I'm a big fan of this guy's many albums and now he has this thing which is a book with pictures: Tale of the Ephant and Its Boss the GLG.

linear/oblong cacophony

I lost like $66 gambling on sports yesterday
(thanks to the celtics; boo)
Good thing there's soccer to bet on in ~2 hours
Here are my squads:
Atletico Madrid, Sporting Lokeren, Club Brugge
IDK what countries these are in
(well Madrid is in France)
LOL is this a poem?
excerpt from The Guy With Two Crossbows by Mark Baumer | NY Times coverage of Mark