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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Scenes from my run

2016 OCTOBER 25 | ~4:30-5:00PM

That there's a "K" next to his name is a pretty fitting and telling final burn. Good riddance.

Really agree with this assessment.

Knicks one of only 3 NBA teams to use their name as their custom Twitter emoji-generating hashtag

Kind of an upset? I definitely thought the Knicks hashtag would have been something dumb like #KnickLife. Shoutout to the #Knicks, #Celtics and #Pelicans (interesting) for keeping it simple.


Here are some future plays I just made: 

I think there's some great value in Indians in 5 (+950). They've been awesome at home and––if they can get up 2-0––I can definitely see that happening. Also, there would be something fitting about Chicago losing their first World Series in 70 years at home. I also made two NBA Future bets on total wins, both over: Knicks Over 40 (EVEN) and Sixers Over 23.5 (-105). Good value on those numbers. I think there are several teams in the East with O/U numbers that are too high, so instead of rooting for unders with teams I don't really give a hoot about, I thought I'd take my chances with some (hopefully) fun teams I'll actually be watching. Best case scenario: I think the Knicks can sniff 50 and Sixers high 20s.
The two typos / article ommisions in the above fantasy football trash talk I just posted are driving me nuts. You can't go back and edit either WTF. (That's a picture of The Commish btw, which I am*.)

*I'm "The Commish" as in I am the commissioner of the league (if that wasn't clear)

How do I get in touch with amybunny123 about relinquishes this URL?


I'm sure they can and will handle it, but having a HUGE baseball game (first World Series contest between the Cubs and Indians) and a HUGE basketball game (opening night tipoff after the city's first championship in forever: Knicks at Cavs) must present a logistical nightmare for Cleveland, right? The stadium and arena are literally right next to each other. Anyway, this is just a thing I thought of tonight, a HUGE sports night. Of course, I'll be at Union Transfer watching this rock band (naturally). More sports and bets content to follow on this blog, including my official picks on both games, so stay tuned. Namaste.

Idea for a blog: "🐕's I See in the World." This blog would consist entirely of photographs taken 'on the sly' of every dog I see being walked, in a park, loose on the street (god forbid) or elsewhere.