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Friday, March 2, 2018


I been super busy lately but... not 2 busy 2 keep tabs on Corey Sanders & co!

I turned the game on when it was 24-8 Hoosiers, against my better judgement, fully expecting a non-starter blowout, which is what you do when your team has scored 8 points in the first 15 minutes and that team is Rutgers.

But this squad has heart. Whatever they have, they have that. I was at the RAC when they lost by 2 to Purdue a month ago (it wasn't really that close, but they fought hard). I think our team is probably better right now and Purdue is probably worse (?), and they're playing 'at home' in MSG. Maybe they can ride some adrenaline into the B1G Final Four. That would be fun as hell. Regardless, just glad I get to watch them one more time.