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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Flickr iPhone app is actually pretty decent. I think it could really take off as a social media network. Yahoo! products 4 life.
Oh, I know what I forgot to mention on one of my delightful recent podcast episodes! The singer/guitarist/keyboardist on the righthand side of the stage with the beautiful hair had a bum leg and he kept saying he was sitting on a chair when it was in fact a stool (he was wrong) but he was also using crutches to get on and off the stage and this brought up a discussion with my bro about an opinion I've held dearly for years: crutches are useless. There is a time when you are essentially immobile and there is a time when you can limp around with a boot or brace or maybe just a cane. Crutches technology (Big Crutch?) is a stagnant field, my friends. Literally no one on crutches needs crutches. But that's just my 0.02¢.
Instagram rebrands with new logo mere hours after I delete my account. Coincidence?