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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

going for a jog with a playlist of jim jarmusch / xiu xiu ftw

"Bezos's Boxes," a poem (2019)

This is hilarious to me (having a video/song removed from YouTube b/c of 'hate speech' hahaha) mostly b/c the only lyrics to the song were mostly just the title of the song ("Mom I'm Joining the KKK" + "Mom don't worry I'm gonna be OK"); there's literally no other context etc. But what's less hilarious to me is that the video I made for it is seemingly gone forever because I don't back shit up and it only existed on YouTube. I think it might have appropriated some old b&w found footage of the KKK but it might have just been totally random, who knows, now we never will :( You can still listen to the jam here.

think it was pretty fitting that these garden gloves i bought were of the worst quality imaginable and basically disintegrated after one day of use