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Saturday, May 12, 2018

I just remembered i was goona try n write a ""Diary"" entry every day-ish, but havent done won in-awhile, so here it is folks,, have at it folks,, my diary entry is to sayy that last nite we went to this thing called "PARKS ON TAP" which is a roaming beer garden event in philly that moves to a different city neighborhood park each weekebd, and last nite it was in LOVELY PORT RICHMOND (beautiful this time of yr) and it was @ Campbell Sq to be exact, and we rode bikes there and i rode my new bike... this guy the bouncer almost didnt let me in beacause my license is expired which jfc dude i'm 37 and ur not a cop just look it's me in the picture who gives a F abt the exp. date taht literally is of no consequence 2 ya, dude made it seem like he was doing me a favor letting me in, i was like nah bro, whatever... that was cool tho, a kid from barb's daycare was there (Arthur) and his dad is chill and they get a long really well so that was fun. Also, the yanks lost their 2nd in a row which wasnt cool and/or fun or and/or chill, g'bye 17-1 hot streak!! Sonny gray suxx. hope thy get it rolling again tho... also hope lebron kills the celtics, that game 1 is tomorrow ok that's all i got to say not on this post it's good to practice my writign i am getting p good
Not sure which one of these to buy, like which one is the better deal.