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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jesus H

Word count and excerpt from book I started writing on the gym treadmill today.

The Sixers ML is now +170. Folks, I've cost myself upwards of $11 if they end up winning tonight. I'm a fool.


Imagine if I just did a blog post which was just an eagle emoji in the post title feed and the post content area was just a sentence about how this was the blog I was currently doing? Imagine that. Thanks 🙏

Yi Yi (Yī Yī; literally: "one one") is a Taiwanese/Japanese film written and directed by Edward Yang, about the emotional struggles of an engineer named NJ (played by Wu Nien-jen) and the lives of his middle-class Taiwanese family in Taipei seen through three generations.


And by "viral" I mean I have caught a disease; please click upon my wares, good sir or madam.

Listen, idk abt u, but I luv betting on international soccer (futbol or 🎾, if u will)! I am a power investor in the economy of the pitch & it is truly a draw (read: 🐻🐻🐻) market & I luv it so dang much!!


Mark Baumer, etc.

I could do a thousand posts about Mark Baumer and maybe I will. He created so much in his 33 years on this planet. Here is a smattering of things…

Thank you, Jessie. It truly means a lot. I hope your basketball shot went through the basketball ring for the winning score. Gob bless.

tfw u r scared someone might steal ur chair so u chain it 2 ur house but u r so proud of ur cigarette butt collection u put a lil 🇺🇸 flag in the cigarette butt pot


#AppGame: This is what my iPhone looks like📱

Happy to answer any questions you might have about my apps/apps usage/apps arrangement. I love apps.

I don't think I'll ever go see La La Land. I'm gonna make it my new Titanic which I made a pact to never see and have kept to this day.

I also have plays on the Sixers ML, Celtics -2/-1, and Pitt (NCAAB) home vs. Louisville +7.5.
i am on that deep-dive 2010 is really 2017 content tip and it feels like evaporation it feels so good in the bones in my hand

Posting this should make up for any/all goodwill I have previously established.

Really LOVING the new LinkeDin. I love the Din and also to Linke it to other Dins.

2018 think about it

I finally hit a freaking bet

I'm probably jinxing myself posting about it but whatever. The well had been dry for so long, folks.


Where my #Bobbittheads at?