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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Things are slowly starting 2 feel normal again after the Move™ and the Baby™ – a back-to-back combo I would suggest others try to avoid if they can. I'm not sure if I'll ever catch-up with www.WeeklyBooks.net (one of my most adventurous and personally beloved projects)––the site is backlogged to 19 APR 2019, aka 4 months behind!–– but I'm'a gonna try! First things first, and in this case: that means The Head, the 16th book of the Year™.... check it the hell out here.
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upWBdate: all WeeklyBooks Will be Back(front)Dated to 2021 when the time is right/all Linx to wb dot net remain the same so shall these posts on My America remain the same (2021=No More Amazon&etc)–mgmt

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