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Sunday, November 20, 2016


I've noticed more and more at the end of games wherein the "miracle lateral play" is employed, players are less inclined to actually lateral the football if they don't have a clearing to hit a teammate with a level of certainty, which is to say––perhaps––they don't want to risk having a lost fumble attributed to their stats, both IRL and in the fantasy realm (this is just a theory, and a run-on sentence; I have no evidence to back this up––I just wanted to bitch that these "miracle lateral plays" have become, too often, stale, and it breaks my heart ever so because I love those plays).

Went to the zoo today and saw this guy.

… h e l p

This is an email that came into my work's general "info" account. The dude this guy is trying to email will never see this. There's so much anger in the world and hardly any of it's justifiable. I do appreciate signing your emails, "You are scum. Good luck!!" Might start doing that.