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Thursday, January 9, 2020

🍟 D⃣   I⃣   E⃣   T⃣ D⃣   A⃣   Y⃣ 2020🍟

Hola amigos. J⃣   E⃣   F⃣   F⃣here with a new 🅶🅾🅾🅳 🅰🆂🆂 🅿🅾🆂🆃.

January 9th is officially DIET DAY! What the F does that mean, you ask? Well, that is the day we (i) post our (my) Media Diet! You can see every single thing I listened to, read, & watched over the last calendar year, exclusively @ our ad-supported sister weblog vernonhowl.com

DIET DAY also means the Official H⃣   A⃣   R⃣   D⃣    L⃣   A⃣   U⃣   N⃣   C⃣   H⃣ of my new food and money blog called food-n-money.tumblr.com where I will be posting EVERYTHING I EAT and EVERYTHING I BUY/SPEND $ ON.

Wow. What. A. Day.