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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

To the person who commented on the last post...

I'm sorry, I tried to reply to your comment but I can't login to "Disqus" or whatever - don't know why I ever put that 3rd party comment system on here, probably gonna get rid of it. But to answer your question:

yES the discog is a mess lol. hard to answer this objectively but here's 1/2/3 newish and older song in each of those categories off the dome...

greatest hits
new birds
old robbie
old liza
old meat (prob all my "best" are old)

keep austin weird
new screw
new will
old trau

personal favs
new unc
new dog
old plows
old love
old also love

anyway thx for commenting/listening/etc. have a great day.

also ps: may i ask how you stumbled upon this website? (it's not important and don't answer if you don't feel like it, but i am always curious)