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Monday, March 14, 2016

Daily Gifs Club: Makeover

Starting on 3/11 Day 2016, I changed the process for how I did my Daily Gifs at My Daily Gifs Club. It's a subtle change. I'm now making all the gifs 'in-house' (on my phone) and they are way lower-res, which hopefully will do three things: (1) keep the site loading faster, (2) allow me to post as many images in each gif (I was limiting it to exactly 6 pictures before this) and (3) better encompass the moments represented in these photos in terms of my relationship to them (memory is foggy, not necessarily HD, etc etc). Anyway, all basically minor things but part of a larger thing where I am attempting to streamline my creative process. Gifs will debut on my Tumblr because, well, that seems like something to do. Membership to the Daily Gif Club will, of course, remain free of charge.