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Monday, February 27, 2017

wanna go to TRUMP TOWER and sing a seven-hour version of my song "I'm Just a Tourist (Don't Worry 'bout Me)" by I haven't written a song called "I'm Just a Tourist (Don't Worry 'bout Me)"

Might not be the best movie to watch at the gym tonight…

The Baby of Mâcon (1993) by Peter Greenaway looks like a hoot.

If I Do 𝕏, Then 𝕐 Means I've Already Died

Kmart Tarps have been one of the most consistent and prolific bands under The Pizza Puppies umbrella and it's only the audience getting wet (with sound). That's why I was pleased as a spiked punch when I got this animatronic gif in the electronic mail. Kmart Bloody Kmart is poised to be their masterwork and it's due out on P.P. Rex in late 2029. Can't wait!


pure anonymous panda
  -- do u want a hit ?
My 👟 (FOOT) hurts 😂

c r i p p l i n g l y