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Thursday, March 9, 2017

My dog's DNA results

Years ago, the owner of my dog's sister's got a DNA test and shared the results. So while these are not truly 'his DNA results' they are 'close enough'. This is what I wrote on January 24th, 2012:
This is 100% real. I'm not sure how much this cost (or how accurate it is) but they bought it to shut up their know-it-all vet who insisted that Dezi (my dog's sister) was a black lab. It's interesting. We know exactly who their parents are--which is itself an odd 'luxury' most dog owners can never have--and we knew that Pops was a purebred golden. But we had no clue what exactly the mother's makeup was, though several people (not me) had insisted she had a good amount of boxer blood. They were right.