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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Sure, if you wanna know it straight: the first thing I saw and heard — and (let's not fuck around about this) those are the two most powerful senses; if our sense were a wolfpack then you know those two duking it out to be alpha, baby — was a crow. This crow was a large menace, not a just a blackbird. And I had to pause, right there in the gravel and partly bad grass driveway, finally coming back to life with the rare 50° degrees we should be expecting today, and I had to say to myself, "no, crow, no. You will not be an omen. You are not an omen." Earlier my son said to me, "daddy, put down your phone." It was the first time he had strung all those words together. So I'll take that bird and his caw as a warning, nothing more and nothing less. 

just some of my friends

this was s'pposd 2 b a aninamted-gif, but da blogger app is (pre-dict-ably) horrible)))

2 things

1. Finally chucked this famous but famously tattered T-shirt into the gar baij. Pained me but it had become unwearable. No mas "comforting arms" (only wrapped around my mind, forever — I'm talking about a little thing called mem•or•ies)

2. Discovered "Better World Books" as an outstanding alternative to the you know what place where you get books. Selection was terrific. Prices even better. And they seem to have a nice ("nice") business model. Check em out and use my referral code #BABYYODACANCELLED!