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Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm going to run so fast into the night tonight; if I run by a cemetery, I may unearth some of your relatives' ghosts and it will not be any fault of my own but an energy I have unleashed deep inside my core, of which I have little control.

~ P R E A C H ~

MSM Children Unearthing the Complete Skeleton of a Sacred Dingo



Sibling of Movies
Unrepentant Dragoon
Sometimes I Enjoy Food, But Other Times the Act of Eating Repulses Me
Noble Music Novel
Middle Cyst
You Could Be a White Child Too
On the Llam(a)

January 30, 2017 at 11:52AM

Just ate a grapefruit. It was good. Shoutout to the grapefruit machine that gave birth to the grapefruit I just ate. Great job.
Yo, this is that "DF" (Duplicative Forest) album art. FYI. S/O DF Electric and Everything Electric™, I love you.

I just have to say," 

I don't
great today

did i shower yesterday? no i did not. is that why? potentially.
INTERESTING NOTE (IS IT?): Hi. My last post utilized an image which I got off the internet and the name of the jpeg was/is "duplicative forest" and I like the look and sound of those two words, in that order, and I just wanted to do a post about it. Thanks for reading my blog. Gob Bless.

One day I will record an album called Duplicative Forest. No doubt. For sure.

I need to push my body to the limits of abstraction

Hi. If you're like me, you're constantly wondering what is the purpose of human existence. This is why I choose to run marathons and this is why I choose to become the world's most prolific songwriter and one of its most prolific art-makers (in general, ad nausem, semper fi, forever and forever amen). One can explore in these seemingly fruitless excursions into mental/physical exhaustion something akin to a drug, I guess. Pushing your body towards the edge of [death?] leads to an abstraction, an abstraction of self and possibly even the 'idea' of human beings. If we are able to level consciousness through narcotics and there is no other way to do this, then that doesn't say much about the nature of existence. So begins my new journey tonight: training for my second marathon on May 7th in Cincinnati, Ohio. I hope to run at least four more marathons after this (Boston, NYC, [another random, potentially west coast American city] & [international city]), and I'd like to get into mega-marathon running, if not on an organized level, then on a solely individual level. I'd love to run from Philadelphia to Raleigh, for example, to visit family one day.

My personal protest chant…

No Duh.
No Shit.
I Don't Think I'm Equipped. ^