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Monday, August 21, 2017

†he ECLIPSE-JUICE™ is my power now.
I don'† need food.

maybe there is nothing inherently wrong with being supremely aggressive/confident (alpha) and good at Jeopardy! (the game show) .... maybe you can fuck right off if you think otherwise, ya bitch
the only thing i've had to eat since ECLIPSAGETTIN' is a red&white-striped peppermint candy (#EclipseDietFTW)


The eclipse was so underwhelming, one could argue, that the cosmic force one was anticipating––that of the total and complete life-changing variety––not only didn't come, but was so absent that its blank energy worked, symbolically, in a much stronger, more fervent way, and life did change, completely, after all.

August 21, 2017 at 03:21PM

Solar eclipse is happening now I guess. So they say.
It's kind of funny—
(not funny)-funny—
to think about
how many people
are going to legit
do serious damage
to their eyes
looking at the
eclipse today.

' ' Oh hell yea ' '


ur now looking @

🌘 E C L I P S E 🌘
this is it. saved u some real 💵 .on them dumb glasses