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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

💦🎶💦🎶💦🎶💦🎶💦🎶💦 Vol. VI • The End of Water Music: Maserati Casserole

© just like a Maserati sounds good in a modern casserole to go © how far is the time when it only goes by how fly is it time when it on © have you ever seen you the internet that you put in a new phone © basically it's only ages comment up up up up © this is creating the song desecrating eating too little sister © there's a bucket on a rope from a branch of the tree house and I don't know anything else © budgetary concerns aside I think it's high time by time we rise © as much as I am anything inside of you so you live in © beaver fever Bee Gees my favorite thing to eat © Beauty Boutique are okay purrr Southside of Ruby Tuesday © Beauty Boutique are okay purrr Southside of Ruby Tuesday © if you are Mitch's would you even own a microwave and would you keep all your kittens in a Plastics © sizable Fortune 2 words mildly translucent Sombra © the only thing I know © © it smells snuggles Revenge don't even pretend © jerk chicken © you have the power to incite Riot riot