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Thursday, October 20, 2022

(how doth) The Br@iN ? (work)

I had (the beginnings of) a book in my books folder titled "1616: There is Too Much Information (and Yet Everything is Connected)" ;;; this here is the "TABLE OF CONTENTS" I have to assume, don't know really. The only other notable things in the file were a link to the Wikipedia page for the Uskok War and the following text below. Needless to say I'll be deleting, be deleting, be deleting...


Six-year-old António Vieira arrives from Portugal, with his parents, in Bahia (present-day Salvador) in Colonial Brazil, where he will become a diplomat, noted author, leading figure of the Church, and protector of Brazilian indigenous peoples, in an age of intolerance.

Officials in Württemberg charge astronomer Johannes Kepler with practicing "forbidden arts" (witchcraft). His mother had also been so charged and spent 14 months in prison.