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Monday, November 4, 2019

it's not chicken it's chicken plus™

(h) i n

what am i supposed to do with that information?

the daily drags

Every moment after every moment feels like the moment to break it all done (start fresh the morrow!) but I can fight against it; I just ate a green Ò and I am ready to embrace my destiny as a TIN MAN

of the many threads and tangents this unwieldy, almost an hour and twenty minutes long episode takes, one unrealized thought i'd like to realize now is this: this chilly a.m., i stepped outside of my house and noticed the ~5 hours of lawn work i did yesterday and it felt really nice; i felt proud of the work. i was too busy feeling pissy and sorry for myself that i had to do it while i was doing it, instead of putting on some headphones and enjoying the weather or just... breathing and enjoying my life on this planet... anything else than what i did: i did the work in a stew and it sucks that i did that, because A) the reward was/is enjoyable, and B) the process should have been as well. i couldn't even enjoy it when i was done because i was mad that i had missed the freaking early NFL London game which wasn't even a good game! what a dumb thing to be 'mad at' !!! speaking of leaves, i have turned over way more than my allotted amount but one takeaway from all that Sunday yard work, is that there truly is an  amount of leaves. each day is a new opportunity to do something better, do something new, do something you've done before but take a minute, no take a five seconds to actually appreciate. as eminem said,

If you had 
One shot 
Or one opportunity 
To seize everything you ever wanted 
In one moment 
Would you capture it 
Or just let it slip?