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Friday, November 8, 2019

All hail the dedication machine

It's been... a long time coming.


Sure. Sure thing.

I've always considered the ephemeral content (90+% of this blog's output) a big part of... of... whatever this is. MY AMERI DOT CA. But truth be told, while I love this place––I've put a lot into it!––logistically, posting here can be a nightmare. I'm using the Google platform "Blogger" to send this out to the world. I love "Blogger"––it will have a place in my heart till damn kingdom come! But, Google does not "love" Blogger. There is no Blogger app, no crucial web updates in the past ~5+ years that make it worth still using. It's a relic. The WWW is made for relics, though. And so long as they're not turning out the lights, I'll still keep buying the URL every other year.

It's the definition of futile: this venture (me: making "art") is the exact polar opposite of whatever R.O.I. is, in every possible facet. More like J.O.I.! Wait, actually.

! ! ! But I can't quit posting ! ! !

Even, as I noted, this has stopped making sense, and to call it "art" is getting more and more difficult too: I gotta do it. I do it over here (🍤), ya know. Have been for awhile now. The reality is such that platforms matter. All platforms matter. And when it comes to the posting and the shitposting and the art, this ain't cutting it.

And so this website will exist primarily as the database. I might even go through and scrub most of the archives. Not sure yet. Such is the life of a lowly #shrimpblogger.

–Vernon Howl
CEO, MyAmeri.ca Industries

strike it all from the record: it is gone
   only the monikers remain