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Monday, September 19, 2016


C O N T E N T (Ô) K I L L E R

K I S S Y – K I S S Y ~I N~ T H E ~C O N T E N T~ P A T C H

Just got back from Raleigh

and I took a 2+ hour nap. Maybe the longest nap I've taken in 3+ years? Debating how hard I should crush this coming week. Leaning towards FULL ANNIHILATION. For starters, I put on another 17.5 lbs so there's no where to go but up in the health & fitness dept. Secondly, I got so many ideas juices flowing that my shit is like literally a river and the river is flooding (call FEMA, bitches). Thirdly, I don't even need a third point. Lemme just watch MNF and do one last carb binge in peace. L8er.
I posted this shit on twitter but I'm posting again here too whatever I'm on the #WentzWagon I guess. Final score: Chicago 27-24.