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Monday, November 11, 2019

I can't fucking focus or can I? #BreakingNews

File 14353 ah yes I know the one; it rings true and scrapes against my inner ear until the blood-curdling screams are fully inside (no one else can hear them).

On the Occasion It is Done

From here on forth to be known as the OCCASION POINT: A state of mind, located in a time and place: REDACTED. Let the record show that at 3:29 and 42 seconds, P.M. EST on a Tuesday – November the 12th, 2019, the subject was weighed and cataloged in as potential Demise Candidate: Level Shitstorm. This does not, of course, take into consideration any recent improvement and/or movie reviews (recorded in podcast form or otherwise). That the subject wished to be called "Occasion Point" or be allowed to start a band or arts collective using that name at some future juncture, is not something the committee wishes to take up at this time. He's hereby been sentenced to conduct the task of creating a music album of sorts, called thusly God 2, utilizing previous branding efforts ("Just Jeff"), and given a timeframe of 72 years to fulfill the requirement, we feel an adequate addition to the previous stipulations of the OCCASION POINT. If the subject wishes to weigh himself at any time in the 72-year framework wherein he finds himself alive he must first purge the system with a black cherry and sauerkraut mixture. Given the vast ocean of the 72-year framework we strongly encourage the subject to think of any moment in time within it as both yesterday and, more importantly, today; we feel this offers all involved a more substantial opportunity to gain that hot R.O.I. 

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