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Friday, October 7, 2016

At least they're getting an extra 15 minutes, but GBV should be on second-to-last before Anco. My 2¢. [Source.]

From $8 to $88,000: VOL. I: "Katy Perry made me do it"

The "Norf Nort rant" meme is straight 🔥 cuz most people were like, "Umm, chill out lady; not that big of a deal." And she was all like "WAAHHHWAAAAAHHH!!?!" It's the conflict between those two ideologies which made the meme a total success and truly hot viral content.

I'm not sure why I think I might be smart enough to be a contestant on Jeopardy! but there I was fairly intoxicated at 11PM EST last evening taking the online test. I did a screengrab video of it and I am posting here because... well, IDK why I am posting it other than it is content. I love doing content and so here is some more content.

Note: I answer the very first question so horribly and embarrassingly wrong. I mean, I knew it was so horribly and embarrassingly wrong in the moment. But yet I still wrote it? Oh well. I will not be appearing on Jeopardy! any time in the near future. The correct answer is Iago, I believe.



I forgot to save my Snapchat Story and so this song was lost to the ether. At least I got this screengrab. FUG!
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