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Saturday, January 1, 2022

I am definitely excited for this sober period I'm about to embark on

would be pretty cool if you had a time machine you could go back and time and see this

LoL 🤣 at this top5️⃣

I know I might "backslide" on some of my more vague NY resolutions but the one big 1 that's a big no no I need to stay true to myself on that 1. Hah tall about vague right ? Can't come right out and say it now can you ? Well ❤️‍🩹 it's not for you partner so saddle up and get a meowing on outta here I got works to do

🥫 🥫 🥫


Oh yeah so I know I just did the happy New Year post but I just wanna say today and tomorrow don't count at least for statistical purpose anyhow hah yeah I can eat what I want to these 2 days I can be a bad baby bitch etcx just survive and what not and no drinking of (of course) the rest is whatevz

jello 😁 🤗👋 nü year

Making a point not to use my phone as much this year huge phone detox coming up folks big boy phone detox guy over hear. Just deleted Twitter and this great picture was the last thing I saw which makes me think if I only followed accounts like this (twin peaks stuff or whatever) then it wouldn't be so bad ? Well perhaps we'll never know 🤠 the happiest new year to you and yours I'm personally gonna kill it this year but I'm sure you will too