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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Under the pseudonym of MC Nothingness I conjured these ideas. Jeff Bezos made me do it.
I only write novels. These posts aren't me. Anyone who comes for the posts should know that. Full disclosure. These are the words of a bot. I created the bot. It is my clone. Beff. That is the clone-bot's name. Beff is a good writer in his own, umm, right. He prefers poems and movies though. You can read a movie and watch a book. Novels aren't meant to be read anymore anyway. Just knowing they exist is enough. Cemeteries are the new libraries. Every ISBN is RIP. 

For whatever reason, I edited out all of 3eb lead singer Stephan Jenkins's stage banter from this live-streamed performance in Myrtle Beach earlier this month. I also tacked on some very similar banter from their Bonnaroo performance a couple weeks later because life is truly meaningless.