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Friday, January 23, 2015

New Mariners alternate uniforms

I am digging this.

Long-ass comment on a Taylor Swift Instagram post written by this person.

Richmond St., Port Richmond

One of my favorite streets in Philadelphia is Richmond St. in the Port Richmond section, due north of where I live. I ran down Richmond St. last evening and snapped a few pictures. I got the idea to a photo-essay of Richmond St. very near the end of my run so that is why there are only four photos in this post. Maybe one day I will take better pictures and do a proper piece. There is something sad and beautiful about this street. It has a strange vibe, like it doesn't know if it wants to go full dilapidation or push towards revival.

Blast from the Past: The Top 4 Instagram Posts of All-TIme from a Week or Two Ago

I was only on Instagram for two weeks, experimenting with the platform as a space for words rather than images. Here are my four greatest posts before I deleted this account.