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Thursday, February 9, 2017


I'm sad to say that my live internet talk show (?) has been canceled. But per an exclusive agreement with Zuck, I reserve the right to utilize the URL whenever I please, and will probably air some really awesome shit on it so follow it I guess.

What it's like watching a tennis match unfold live on Google.com

I couldn't find a stream so I have been reduced to watching this "live" score via google to see if my boy Paire could break serve in the first set's third game. SPOILER: He did not.

Here's a lil upcoming tennis ball (🎾) wager. Both matches are set to start at the top of the hour (10AM EST), in separate ATP events. The first of which features my boy Paire playing in his home country of France. He is 0-1 against his opponent but that match was a 5-set affair back in 2010. The bottom draw features my boy Seppi, an Italian, trying to go 3/3 head-to-head vs his opponent in a tournament called "Sofia" in Bulgaria. I love betting on weird things in the morning.

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