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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let's roll, my pinstriped boys. My beautiful Yankee darlings.
If the Yanks could ever get out of the Bronx with a win today (at 4PM) against Kershaw before this 4-game series in Boston, well, that would be spectacular and I would spontaneously become a 'true believer' again in the M of the P (magic of the pinstripes). JUS SAYIN.
Over the years, I've taken some pictures with cellphone camera phones (and even camera cameras too). The fact that I am working on a 15,000-2 content-to-eyeball ratio sounds about right. Always the bridesmaid, folks.

101_ l๏เธฌ เธฃtเธ„ะบั”เธฃ Gเธ„เน“เน’lเน€เธ ๏ปฎ

The second bet was a nice little hit and I wish I had more dough on it, but to cover my ass I did a little live bet hedge on the late game over (see red bet #1). This is L.S.G. 101 and I am the professor.