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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I flipping did it!

Ran over the bridge and everything. Here in the Lundy lawn about to enjoy the Phish in about one hour folks what a time to be alive

So, okay... here we go

more like CUTE_anon

That guy is super hot !

This video is kinda dumb

but the unis look niice.

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts • Setlist/Recap • Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia • 08/07/18

Hello. I went to see Jeffrey Lewis and his band, featuring his brother Jack on bass/keys. JB's was maybe (maybe) at half-cap, but it was still a really cool show, and I left (as I did last year) wondering why these guys aren't more popular.

I tried to capture the setlist as there really doesn't seem to be much available by way of that on the www. I'm almost certain he didn't repeat a song that he played last year (May 5th) at the Bourbon & Branch show I attended (much smaller venue, and still the only time I've seen music there).

I think I did pretty well this setlist, with only a handful of Unknowns (I included my notes on these tunes via the red arrow 'footnotes'––hover to read them, and email me if you have ). I also included links to vids for all, a mix of live versions and studio. Enjoy!

"What I Love Most in England is the Food"*
Unknown ^
"Cannibal Monkeys"
"Walls (Fun in the Oven)" [Crass cover]
"French Revolution"
"My Girlfriend Doesn't Worry"
"Bugs & Flowers"
"The Man with the Golden Arm"
"The Red Hand" †*

*performed solo acoustic
†with accompanying video