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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

11:11pm:can confirm tomorrow will rule

Yesterday, I took my daughter to the eye doctor and in the waiting room they were playing Moana only the aspect ratio was all screwed up and something was wrong with the color. So the film was letterboxed and super stretched out and the saturation was too hot and there might have been some other glitch thing happening (if it wasn't for those amazing Lin Manuel Mirando songs, perhaps it would have been unrecognizable?). This flat screen was maybe 26" but it looked twenty years old and it was mounted right below the ceiling (far too high); it was so heavy — despite its relatively small size (because of its age) — it looked like it could fall at any moment and "I AM MOANA!!!" might decapitate a toddler (sadly). Afterwards, we went to Target to do some capitalism and a roving band of tweens were haunting the isles and they were far too loud and I'm comfortable enough to admit, they scared me. At one point one of these kids yelped, "KANYE WEST IS DEAD!!!" and it caught my ear above the rest of their 'conversation' — which previously had resembled some noxious, oddly machine-like clang — and, against my better judgment, I pulled out my phone and googled "kanye west dead." It turns out he wasn't dead but he had posted a 'poem' on his Instagram about being dead? I don't know. I didn't care to look into the matter further.