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Thursday, January 18, 2018


New band name i'm swirrrrlllling around


So I heard Donald Trump (prez) wants to buy the website Tumblr. Did you see this? Did you hear about this? Yeah, if he does he'll probably re-name the thing TRUMBLER! The ego on this guy, ya know?
Catch up on the madness of the EVERYDAY SONGZ project here.
My company name is NextGen Solutions Unlimited LTD™


Well i gues 2day is THURS-DAY
I need a big, ORCA-SIZED lunch to feed that hatred lingering inside me, to shut that shit up, ya hurr?


Guess u could say its going pretty_OK 4ME ;)

Trump + Car AIDS

The big topic of the day has been this health report on Donald Trump. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Yup, everyone's talking about if this guy's healthy enough to be present... well, I'm wondering if this guy's even fit to wash my car! He'd probably give my poor Honda "Car AIDS" (AIDS for cars, very bad).