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Saturday, February 26, 2022

I couldnt get this captcha right i couldnt get the prize

what even is a "sea plane" some kind of bird?

i made these record reviews in 2014 or so idk maybe older. the websites listed in the vidz are all (obvz) de-funkt. just posting this here, all casual like. b/c i cant trow anyting away. call it, The High Crimes of Little Mope Me.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Lumch, or something like it

Just about finished with my recent LOST PROJECTS AUDIT, of which I linked to thirteen (13) projects yesterday. Not a whole helluva lot to add, but there's also something called The R.U.S.T. Series, an entire lost, massive mega-album which I added as a bonus disc to LP-49, and this video of a lunch I ate in 2018 (embedded left). In addition, I went ahead and tidied up both of my YouTube channels: MyAmerica I and MyAmerica II.

Monday, February 21, 2022


Over the weekend, I was able to organize/re-organize, recreate/re-animate, dust off, clean out, shake up, twist around, breathe life, tweak and finish thirteen (13), yes that's thirteen (13) various projects. Some of these probably weren't saving or at least not worth the effort of "officially releasing," such as in the capacity I am doing, I present to you now. But I'm a softie and a hard-boiled completionist. I couldn't let these little (and big) things die. So here they are, in no par•tic•u•lar order...

Mecca Risinga HUGE-ass double LP (over 2 hours of music); just a total hodgepodge of crap recorded over the last ten years or so.

The Connections & The Mice - 2 failed television pilots for a now defunct (fake) TV network; and shit Chom Cruisky still owes me money!

A Year, a novel - more of a movie really.


Mail Art - less of a "thing" and more of a "service" I am offering agaig; looking forward to the dollars to come spilling (digitally) in.

Total Dumbey another album of mostly experimental music tunes; the only difference here is that these tracks are all REALLY old, at least a decade in the dust the lot of 'em.

Walrus Jackson's $1 P-Rex Awesome Vinyl Cover Party - it's just that I'm legally not allowed to say anything...

FOOD FUN - another failed-ass TV show on the internet.

Vernon Howl's Video Art: Early Work lord know what ole Vern was up to when he conjured these freakshows.

Vernon Howl's Drive-Time - another failed venture from the man in question; is this a podcast, a travel show, an abomination???

food i ate over the course of 3 days in September of 2013 - seems fairly self-explanatory, and every bit as unnecessary. 

The D.A.D. Project - D.A.D. stands for "drawing a day" and that's exactly what that is: 213 of them, days, I mean drawings, I mean D.A.D.s.

10-in-1 - idfk

TV FACE - these are my children; I dare you to look into their eyes and not see the purity of life screaming, on fire, in the darkest depths of your soul!

There might be a few more of "Things Like These™" to come, adjacent, nascent, latent perhaps. Effervescent if they's lucky.

Friday, February 18, 2022

2 music videos

Here are two music videos for my old high school/college era band that i totally forgot were on the youtube channel.... 

this is how i made book19


Taking this off YouTube for some reason. Shout-out to this guy who left me back-to-back comments about my rug 9 years ago

Confession: I don't know how to say this

 It was a long time but not that long ago

 Idea for a concept / novelty record called Enslanto... so this would be the songs of hit Lin Manuel Mirando musical kids comedy cartoon Enchanto played in the style of early of Pavement... ™©™©™© = me

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

I often think the trees can hear my thoughts 🙉⚙️

I entered a portal last night. It feels alright in here. I'll have more to report soon. Stay safe, friends 🙈

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Might be able to finish the major projects catch-up before Monday...

But even if I don't I'm 99% done and they'll be done on Monday. What a ride. I set a goal to finish these things by Valentine's and I'm gonna do it. I'm proud of myself. I can be too hard on myself but this is a great thing and I see it as a springboard for better things. There's a few other big things I want to get completed in 22 and that work starts next week! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Sure, if you wanna know it straight: the first thing I saw and heard — and (let's not fuck around about this) those are the two most powerful senses; if our sense were a wolfpack then you know those two duking it out to be alpha, baby — was a crow. This crow was a large menace, not a just a blackbird. And I had to pause, right there in the gravel and partly bad grass driveway, finally coming back to life with the rare 50° degrees we should be expecting today, and I had to say to myself, "no, crow, no. You will not be an omen. You are not an omen." Earlier my son said to me, "daddy, put down your phone." It was the first time he had strung all those words together. So I'll take that bird and his caw as a warning, nothing more and nothing less. 

just some of my friends

this was s'pposd 2 b a aninamted-gif, but da blogger app is (pre-dict-ably) horrible)))

2 things

1. Finally chucked this famous but famously tattered T-shirt into the gar baij. Pained me but it had become unwearable. No mas "comforting arms" (only wrapped around my mind, forever — I'm talking about a little thing called mem•or•ies)

2. Discovered "Better World Books" as an outstanding alternative to the you know what place where you get books. Selection was terrific. Prices even better. And they seem to have a nice ("nice") business model. Check em out and use my referral code #BABYYODACANCELLED!

Tuesday, February 8, 2022


thank raquo, my long (internal) nightmare is over. now i only have the songs to show for it. of course (haha) i am talking about the vaunted "EPs series 3" project. which is finished. which is done. cooked. kaput. how i didn't quit it, or have it kill me, well, that's a fit ole mystery for thy lord Theyself. expect one more missive on (another) long-standing debt later in the weekend. and then pour me a hot tall cool one so i can pour it over my head and cry in sticky clothes. (can honestly say the "pink egypt" -> "berlin" combo — embedded below — is prob the best song(s) i ever wrote. a shaman couldn't explain their existence honestly)

Friday, February 4, 2022

there were so many birds and squirrels a moment ago and I couldn't take a video of them all going wacko in the rain but a lot of them didn't show up when I pressed record on the video so this is the video

Thursday, February 3, 2022

New Band Name Alert!

be onnnn the look-Out folks,,
This is a legit 30-ALBUM cycle i hope to be makin' in the next100yrs - pray3me #BellBivDeBottomfeeder