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Saturday, June 20, 2020

F o r Λ† I m m e d i a t e Λ† r e l e a s e
NEW YORK CITY. What? Brand LLC has purchased My America Industries and all its affiliate startups, brands, web properties, et al, on the 20th of June, 2020. These include but are not limited to: www.MyAmeri.ca, www.VernonHowl.com, www.WeeklyBooks.net, www.Lifecast.info, Jeff's The Movie Review Show hosted by Jeff, Myspace the Podcast, the Pizza Puppies Record Label and their catalog, and more. Acting CEO of M.A.I., milk blade, said in a statement: "we are excited about the possibilities inherent in this purchase; What? Brand is a good Brand (company) and we believe we can thrive under their leadership, if they let us. That is not a threat. But, as they say, a promise."

What? Brand President & CIO Clifford Vark said, "the My America family is a good family. A strong family. Their media networks on the world wide web have upwards of three, sometimes four sets of eyeballs on them. You can't manufacture that kind of exposure and goodwill nowadays."

My America's founders and co-chairmen Jeff & Mr. Howl could not be reached for comment.