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Wednesday, October 10, 2018


↱The pressure is real.
↰But the release valve is a phantom?
Seems legit in that it seems impossible.
And the impossible is the only thing worth striving for.
OMG carbohydrates am I right?
Wish they were water.
Wish the water was cheese.
Wish the cheese was just air.
Wish all the water and all the air was just a pizza.

💦🎶💦🎶💦🎶💦🎶💦🎶💦 Vol. III • Stranded Icelanders

©nbc10 you didn't have to pay © let me see the scene it is 1981 nobody's more nobody is having any fun weekend how it goes in Daphne © if you want to see things differently we can work out something with us we can try to be free we can want to win the mud like the little thing he does we can try to be we can try to be © Stacks and stacks of rabbit apathy seemingly trapping me © what do we do with the landlord I'm putting on my landlord and I'm putting on my landlord © Sasha Clements © Giovanni's to standing again he doesn't know better he doesn't know where to begin and so is this is life and is having a little and he doesn't know why it again © open eyes behind the aisle is tired but can't sleep wondering what to do with myself © Brandy Sanders Banshee and I'm stranded icelanders Banshee Adam © Pelicans dipping their feet into the Shark Tank all week all week I said Pelicans dipping their beaks into the Shark Tank all week all week © no I never met a man at school issue Shawn Johnson © Steak and Egger ...




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