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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tomorrow is 11/11

Or—as I like to call it—Phil Simms Day: The Day of New Horizons.

Ahead of bizarro Jeff aka jhef in my fantasy basketball 🏀 league.

effing QATAR beat Russia in Soccer Ball. They were +300 !!!! UGh. I cant win :-(
Probably would've defeated Trump.

For some reason I cut and paste a text from my dad into gmail drafts back in April. Anyway here it is:

"The gas bubble is 2/3 gone, vision is about 80 percent where bubble gone. Still being affected by bubble. How's Barb? Twins had fevers again last night."

List of movies I'm watching next on the gym stairmaster


01. The Program (2016) - 1:43
02. The Others (2001) - 1:44
03. The Russian Woodpecker (2015) - 1:20
04. The Cake Eaters (2007) - 1:25
05. Lamb (2015) - 1:37
06. TV Party (2010) - 1:34
07. Little Monsters (1989) - 1:41
08. Spoiler (1998) - 1:36
09. Trumbo (2015) - 2:04
10. Hoffa (1992) - 2:02
11. Danny Collins (2015) - 1:47

Got smoked last night with my plays. Feel dumb not picking the Knicks as I was dead on with the under pick. I'm happy they won, but dang. Wish I had more confidence in them. I do think Hornacek is a good coach, though.
I will also say this about Akron: their helmets with the adorable kangaroo were AMAZING.

Bet $10,000 on Russia (-114) 🤘

Trump's buddies to the west!
It wasn't super fun doing a ten-point tease on Akron at home (from -11 to -1) then watching their two QBs get injured and needing to play a wide receiver at emergency QB the entire second half against a one-win Bowling Green team. It also wasn't super fun watching said 3rd stringer erase an 18-point lead to tie the game, only to blow it in the last couple minutes. Nope. But hey? THAT'S #MACTION!
Hear me out…