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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Proud of this

Yes I was dead wrong about that New England game and yes I'm giving all this money back but dammit I'm still proud. Give me that, at least.

Golden Tate is dead to me

UPDATE to the last post on here. Some context for you. My pals are planning a camping trip to this place (hence the weird gif).

Friend just posted this gif in a group text and I seriously didn't appreciate it.

Taking Pats live bet +6 with juice like printing money 💰

GTFO with that shit.

Two safeties. Nice.

Hope the Jags don't Jag Off all over this parlay before it gets going.

Legit the best iPhone app for Blogger™ I've ever found

I'm so psyched right now. This app BLOGO (lol) is the real deal. Expect more posts directly from my phone y'all. Very excited on this Sunday morning. Xmas dang came early!