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Friday, January 3, 2020

It's here. It's out folks. My 2019 Financial Spending Report.

I'm not sure what the point of doing this was really. Thought it would be more interesting to see where my money (30K+) went. Is it?

This is an inaccurate report. I only started doing this in April, so I loosely calculated what I might have spent in the first quarter of the last calendar year. Tracked against my net gains, I think it's pretty close though. I was able to stash 4K in my savings account that previously had $0 dollars in it, and I still have a ~$1,500 surplus in the ole checking account. And that checks out. I will be keeping a much more detailed track record of this beginning with my first purchase of 2020 (whenever that might be) here at this new blog: food-n-money.tumblr.com.

I'll now commence with deleting all the individual $pending posts of 2019 and earlier on this blog. Shalom and namaste and vote for Bernie Sanders.