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Monday, May 1, 2017

It's true, my daughter hath declared . . .

The "Go!" Embargo is over

My daughter is two and she loves Paw Patrol. My wife and I love it too. There's just something about it. IDK that's not what this post is about sorry*.

But every episode when the pups transition from dogs into dogs who do crime-fighting with cool outfits on, they play a song with a repetitive "Go!" chant. My wife and I like to chant along and also say "Go!" during this song. My daughter, until yesterday, did not allow this.

"Don't say 'go'," my daughter would, without fail, declare. We had to respect her wishes.

Then, after much pleading and, frankly, stern inquisition over why it was exactly she did not want her parents to sing along with the repetitive cartoon song, she said, "You can say 'go'." We tested her, saying "Go!" over and over the next time the song played. As if by reflex, she yet again declared, "Don't say 'go'." But then I said, "you just said we could say 'go'?" And she said, "Oh yeah, you can say 'go'." Hell yeah we can.

And so that's that. The "Go!" Embargo is over.

*my favorite character is Zuma, though, in case you were wondering, because he calls everybody "dude."