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Monday, June 6, 2016

A new look

I'm just taking it for a test drive.
Most people don't know that their original band name was Earth, Wing or Tire? and all of their songs were about the different ways people get around (by foot, plane or car/bike, etc). Just a fun fact, that's all.

I wanna make a micro-fuss about all you do
There ain't nothing too small to stick glue
To and go froth all about the mouth with a
Glee so unusual and serene it has to wither

New Age Bloggin'™ is the new sosh netty is the old social media. Mark my words. For they are truth. Trooof. I feel in a daze. My days are #'d. Maybe? I had a cheese sandwich for lunch today with a side of cheese. Then 17 Altoids. Now my breath is super fresh but my brain is super dazed. No way to live, me thinks. I love going to the mall. Wish I lived inside a handicapped bathroom at a mall but with super cozy carpets to lie on.

Facebear 🐻

Sometimes when I read "drag & drop" on a website, I think "Dragon Drop" in my head and that would be a decent band name given the circumstances. What are the 'given circumstances' you ask? Life, my man. Life.
On the bongos prevalent in Eddie Money's "Two Tickets to Paradise." - an essay