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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

just took my dog around the block he had the 'rhea before but coast looks clear now i think cuz a lady gave him some homemade coconut thing when we we're trick'or'treatin last night was the culprit but yea like i sez the 'rhea looks clear all good on my dog's butt's front thx for reading this blog
Here are the first 10 images of that you will see inside Book #3, an art-type book or something like that, coming soon. IDfk gimme a break yallz...

My latest award-winning creation at the primo web hub WEEKLYBOOKS.NET-–the internet's only destination for books published weekly––is a childrenz halloween book which conveniently came out LATENIGHT on HALLOWEEN NIGHT (yesterday), so I'm sure a ton of parents just hopped on and bought it for next year; that's cool. Click the cat fam.