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Friday, May 13, 2016

Calling bullshit on anyone actually calling Steve Miller "the space cowboy," no way that's real.
I checked out the Chinese Lantern Festival yesterday at Franklin Square Park.
Only one damn person has uploaded the Electric Factory Mac DeMarco balcony dive to YouTube so far?!? Come on, folks. Unacceptable. It's been like over 12 hours. 80% of the crowd was filming that shit.
I'm shocked the Russian Olympic doping scandal isn't a much bigger story. Not that I follow 'the news' all that closely but I just visited ESPN's homepage and it's nowhere. Feel very confused.
Whoa it's Friday the 13th... spooky.
Not sure if anyone recorded Mac DeMarco's epic crowdsurf->balcony dive last night. Oh wait everyone did. I was gonna take out my phone too but then I was like, "you know something, these people standing in front of me actually have a better angle." So I let the minions do the work. I'll try to capture and post some of the best vids of this madness later. 

How was the show? Really great. All I do is go to shows because of how cool and relevant I am but this one felt genuinely special.