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Friday, August 31, 2018

I wanna write and record an album called Baby Yacht and no one on this earth can stop me

As you might have read , I'm getting out of the SPORTS GAME as it pertains to this brand/feed. It wasn't an easy decision.

Damn amazing fourth quarter comeback, best ever ❓

Bills take down 🐻 s in one of the most epic preseason games ever

πŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦ Vol. I • Bananalbums

I buried a banana in the backyard © well I got myself a brand new bologna pony I don't even know what to do with it do you want this baloney Pony I can sell it to you for a nickel © oh man you do look really lovely today you look great you look so lovely today great © so this is a concept record and I just have to say about bananas © like I was saying I can't eat a cold banana this is cold bananas part 2 and it's over © turn over everything that you want I am I making fun of you I'm going to put mayo on Triscuits and throw them at your head on I'm making fun of you I was going to put a pet fox on you and wish you were dead because I love you I'm going to draw © hey hey make a jazzy Soleil make a jazzy from LA today today hey hey make it today today © my buddy the pile in his Trojan Horse © look at them boys looking damn boys looking looking looking damn boys looking damn boys looking looking looking damn balls The Condemned boys looking looking looking looking looking © Remsen aliens melting and there is nothing I can do to make them stop © innocent innocent innocent Steph a punch in my head is a punch in my desk that I'm not there yet I'm okay yet yeah © I often think I'm dancing but I'm just in chanting and © Japan by combaticon by Japan Japan Japan © looking for looking for looking for © I'm not the man you think I am I'm living on another planet...



Thursday, August 30, 2018


gleyber day comes but many times a year (hell yeah) https://flic.kr/p/NtPDDS

This is the best place to do graffiti

Donald j trimp

πŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦πŸŽΆπŸ’¦ Vol. 0 • Fort Jeggings: The Begginning

metal bars on suburban windows aren't real © zero connections and I'm still not free © never forget the day never forget the time and never forget the mess that you made out of your mind © every since August that I will soon be © seu up a doo doo doo doo dee doo Scooby Doo © weather Universal boondoggle to University universities where is beware of anyone who's not official of anyone who might just wish that they would want to go online and tuna is on the menu tonight © let's live in a world where Birds of Prey or as prevalent as chipmunks and squirrels © Fort jeggings...


Forge/Forget the order of these songs, as there's no order in the universe. Bonus tracks*: one-time only. This is Volume Zero.



"All the President's Ken Dolls"

Cassingle~01 | "All the President's Ken Dolls" 02 | "All the President's Ken Dolls" (instrumental) 03 | "Burnt Genitalia Ken Doll Mutilators Union (Marathom Mix)"

Just Jeff – What Gives


w̶̜̎̅h̵̘̼͖͉̍͋̀̕͘̚͜͠a̵̻̺̓͌͂͑̅̊̀̓̈́t̷̡̛̛̪̟̩̥̍̉̈́̉͗͑ ̵̡̬̳̈́̈́ǵ̸̢̗̭̫͕̞̮̬̙̉̈͗ĭ̴͓̻̈́̅̈́̆͐́̄̃v̷̡͇̘̺̰̽̀̚ȅ̸̡s̶͓̟̭̪̃͊̽͐̅͌̍̆͊?̶̧͓̙̳̳̼̯̞̻̽̾̄͌͜͝͝!̶̤̉̉͛͂͗̆̏͘͠

bought this MEGA coffee and frankly i am feeling more tired w/ each sip.......:/


...maybe i've been fired and it's a strange mix of pure relief and utter horror

Was hoping to see that mega 100% promo

for NCAA kickoff Tonite. But no 🎲. Alas tonight always feels like the proper opening to football season, but with this lingering 🌶️🌡️🔥♨️ weather and no mega promo ... Feels a lil lackluster imo

Monday, August 27, 2018

It really can't be understated

how 🦇💩 insane it is that Mike Francesa launched his $9/Month app and then immediately took a one-week vacation...

Destination Dino

@ franklin park zoo | boston https://flic.kr/p/297RLGZ

Vacation, part ii

i spent the better part of last week not posting, so that means that the week didn't really happen at all. i could apologize for this, but to whom? i could avenge this grievance, but upon whom? the only thing i can do is swear i'll get better, and that's the thing i (luckily!) happen to be best at.

so there is no formal record of my vacation (minus the dinosaurs i shall be posting shortly). i swear this won't be the case in the future forever and without fail...


The "Emergency Backup" section of the wiki on SELF-BONDAGE is the best/funniest thing I've read in awhile. πŸ’˜

in other news::: no new news; breaking news::: coming sooon

🍩🍟 ℍέγ„₯οΌ¬ ☆🍧

We are Truly™ in the H ELL W O RLD.

Monday, August 20, 2018


a tragedy
And now:???????????????

"Glom Piranhas (Plunder the Shoal)"

from a concept album stealing vicious/dangerous fish....

s e r e n d i p i t y

While this shot was completely unintentional perhaps it will lead to my greatest creative triumph to date?

I just got the quickest haircut ever

Shit literally took four minutes. Looks good (somehow)

"Vistas of Grief, Superior Longing"

The image itself
a tragedy
in the public
a mutated
interaction away from
lessening the load.
For what it's worth i think some of the football press is MAKING WAY TOO BIG OF A DEAL out of the new helmet rule. Maybe I'm wrong and it will be a true game-altering disaster, but I think you can just cite the initial madness around the catch rule (~2010). That sprung a nearly decade's long headache which routinely swung games, and it was only just addressed (apparently!) this off-season. There's going to be controversial calls/interpretations of the new helmet rule that have serious in-game, potentially score-altering outcomes: don't get me wrong, I believe this. But if we, as football fans, had the stomach to weather the catch rule storm for the better part of this century, then we can roll with whatever punches/learning curve this thing necessitates as well. Call it recency bias, call it whatever you like, but these "THE NFL NEEDS TO CHANGE THE HELMET RULE NOW!!" posts seem like disingenuous clickbait. If for no other reason then the people writing them know better! The league is unlikely to admit mistake here, and so the rule will be slowly tweaked in the backrooms until it's only a mild on-field annoyance (and everyone's dulled my its sheer existence), then eventually they might completely re-write it. But I guarantee ya, at that point, if the time ever comes, we'll have all already moved onto the next thing. As effed up a sport professional football is (on so many levels), it can't be accused of stagnation. Football is a like a shark in that regard, folks.

πŸ’₯♩ π“ͺnⓉΞΉ-πˆΞ·π…α’ͺⓊ€ππ“’eя πŸ’²πŸ˜²


♳ π•Šπ•™π•’π•£π•‘π•šπ•–® π•ƒπ•’π•£π•œ
♴ π•„π•’π•Ÿπ•’π•–π•’π•žπ•’π•Ÿπ•šπ•’
♵ π•‹π• π•žπ•– β„™π• π•π•–π•žπ•šπ•”
♶ π•€π•Ÿπ•₯π•£π•¦π•€π•šπ••π• π•£π•‘π•™π•šπ•Ÿπ•€
♷ β„‚π•’π•‘π•šπ•₯𝕦𝕝𝕒π•₯π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ 𝕏

Sunday, August 19, 2018


Lez go A's! Get that 1st!
Here's to letting it ride 🍻

Important stats

In case you were wondering whether or not a second interception 'counted' or not during an inter-team scrimmage at Rutgers. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

And so it begins...

@ingesting born 8-18-18 @ 8pm

Oh Donny boy
 youve made it
This far

 guessed it
Not me

Youre like a damn

Most normal folk
 would have
To agree

My first bet of the (new) gambling year !!! Gimme them undefeated Bengals in some hot pre-season action; game kicks off in a little over an hour from Big D.