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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

• kant fokus 2day :(

ur tuned into …

Don't be on the wrong side of history this Sunday

Root for the Falcons.

at my best, I'm just a basketball brain

jesus christ Flickr

I need some more specific #s on how much storage I left!!

The Cult of Christmas Lights in Princeton New Jersey

I lived in Princeton, NJ for a few years. There is a weird (unspoken?) tradition of folks leaving their xmas lights up way, way into the new year. Honestly, some people will leave their outside xmas lights on until Easter. I don't know if this 'tradition' has been noted anywhere; I attempted to google, however briefly, and came up empty. I don't hate it this, mind you. The mind goes to a happy place, even unconsciously, in the presence of xmas lights, even jogging in the cold, as I was last evening. I just want some confirmation that this is indeed 'a thing'––please help.