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Monday, November 21, 2016


Sports field on a mountain.

… Life is insane …

47 viewers seems like a lot of viewers for 15 seconds of footage of the bathroom wall at my office.

Here is a gif I created with the iPhone MySpace app on June 21st, 2013


the myspace iphone app (which I just re-downloaded from an archive on my computer b/c it's no longer in the app store) is so old and buggy that my phone sent me a notification that it could seriously slow down my phone, basically implying, "delete this, idiot" –– I just wanted to see if you could still create gifs on it, but alas it's not working at all lol

I did start a new profile called TilapiaRon though, and might blog about tilapia from the vantage point of a guy named Ron

S T O P the V I O L E N C E ✌️

take it to the limit
baby please don't cry
I think I wanna hand over
this harsh bandito love supply

I Have To Read 37 137 Tweets (For Work) After I Go Pee-Peep: A True Story

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-Actor as Musician-

'FAILSCALE' + Societal Threat Guide

I ' D LuV I T if U (all-of-us)
waz a Lil'' L e SS ReªL
Mark has been encountering some weather recently and the results… well, the results are that he is still walking barefoot across America.

(PS. I highlighted this thought from today's blog post because it is actually similar to a thought I've had before.)
… it's super cold in the office today; not sure what's up with that …
Watch out: @0tterboy is on that Periscope tip now. I must say that I like the simplicity/control of your content on Periscope better than FB Live, but FBL kills it on the functionality/creative side of things. The option to draw on your face whilst creating a live-feed video is pretty amazing.


Brad Wing (left) is the Aussie punter of the New York Football Giants and he wears braces. Guillermo Gustavo "Willy" Hernangómez Geuer (right; pronounced… um, Billy?) is a backup member of the frontcourt for the New York Basketball Knicks and he is a beautiful Spanish boy who is going to be already a very solid NBA player.